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ManuLoc®, RhizoLoc® and ManuRhizoLoc

ManuLoc®, RhizoLoc® and ManuRhizoLoc

Therapeutic solutions from a single source

With the introduction of ManuRhizoLoc, the new wrist orthosis with a removable thumb support, the ManuLoc wrist orthosis and RhizoLoc thumb orthosis also underwent an redesign.

Together, these three stabilizing orthoses offer a wide range of care options for hand injuries. They provide particular support for functional therapy and offer the persuasive advantage of being easy to put on and take off without help from the patient’s other hand.

The tried-and-tested ManuLoc stabilizing orthosis helps to immobilize the wrist following bruising, sprains and irritation. In the revised version, the ends of the straps have been redesigned and equipped with a practical pull-back stop device. This enables the adjustment of the straps to be secured quickly and without great effort. To provide further support for functional therapy, the thumb hole has been enlarged on both sides to allow greater freedom of movement during gripping actions.

In cases of osteoarthritis or collateral ligament strains/tears in the thumb, the integrated aluminum bar of the RhizoLoc protects the thumb carpometacarpal and first metacarpophalangeal joints from excessive strain. To enable greater freedom of movement in the wrist, the enhanced RhizoLoc has a narrower wristband and a smaller lashing ring. The thumb loops have also been equipped with a pull-back stop device to make it easier to put on the stabilizing orthosis with one hand.For combination injuries or complex irritation, the new ManuRhizoLoc immobilizes the wrist and secures the thumb in a functional position to protect the thumb carpometacarpal and first metacarpophalangeal joints. The removable thumb support can be gradually removed during the course of treatment to allow greater mobility.